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Altogether Clean Homebodies is a lifestyle services division designed to assist with some of the necessary, but time-consuming tasks of everyday life, i.e., errand running, house checks when you are away, home services for when you can’t get away, serving and cleaning after parties, etc.

So, RELAX – We’re here to save the day!


Up, Up and AWAY – Vacation Package

Day Rate $20 per visit - (If two visits per day, rate is $15 per visit)

  • Mail pick up
  • Raise and lower blinds
  • Water plants
  • Change lighting so it looks like someone is home
  • Package pick up
  • Bring Trash Cans in from the curb
  • Feed Small Pets – i.e, cats, gerbils, hamsters, etc.
  • Will care for some dogs depending on level of care

To the Rescue – Errand Running Package

Hourly Rate - $30 per hour + tax

  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Prescription pick up
  • Vendor appointment
  • Bring Trash Cans in from the curb
  • Home deliveries – receive and make
  • Store returns w/receipts
  • Courier service – deliver documents/gifts
  • Shipping
  • Gift pick up with wrapping/delivery

Shazam – Party Support Package

Hourly Rate - $35 per hour/per person + tax

  • Provide manpower to set-up, serve and clean parties
  • Provide manpower to assist with set-up, serve and clean
  • Attend to guest needs and requests during party
  • Help with coat check
  • Certified Lifeguards available

Here We Come to Save the Day – Home Services Package

Hourly Rate - $25 per hour + tax

  • Meet furniture deliveries, inspect for damage and handle placement
  • Meet with appliance companies for installation
  • Meet with carpet/flooring companies for installation
  • Meet guests and give them entrance to your home
  • Polish Silver
  • Meet cable TV, security alarm systems companies and electronics service people
  • Assist interior designers implement their work – deliveries, pick-ups, etc.
  • Mail retrieval
  • Accept shipping deliveries
  • Remove indoor holiday decorations
  • Help pack/unpack when moving (contact for specifics)

Back in a Flash – Property Preparation Service Package for AirBnb/VRBO and Rental Properties

Hourly Rate - $35 per hour + tax

  • Assist with cleaning the property between guests
  • Launder sheets/towels
  • Coffee/Tea refresh
  • Supply refresh paper products, soap, etc.
  • Empty refrigerator

Great Scott – Office Package

Hourly Rate - $30 per hour + tax

  • Available for project work
  • File and organize documents
  • Data entry for spreadsheets/tables/documents
  • Assist with mailings/letter campaigns
  • Office organization and management
  • Document preparation – copying, typing, proof-reading, etc.

So, RELAX – We’re here to save the day!

If you have any questions or to make a reservation, contact us